Wednesday, July 17, 2013


NYC did not disappoint! I'm so very thankful to have friends who let me stay with them and offered to take me around. I probably would have gotten lost taking the Subway without them!

New York City, I miss you. I'm glad you cooled down a bit during my stay so I didn't have to be drenched in sweat. Maybe I'll see you again when you're all covered in snow!

^^On our way to visit the Columbia campus!

^^But first, we stopped at Ollie's for lunch :)

^^The campus is beautiful.

 ^^Momofuku Milk Bar!!! They make the best cookies. EVER. Sad I didn't get to try their pies and ice cream.

^^I love street vendors.

 ^^Ray's Pizza for dinner two nights in a row. I love pizza as much as I love donuts and cookies. I need to move here already.

^^Night out in the Lower East Side.

^^Sad flight home. I passed out as soon as I boarded. I didn't even feel the flight take off!

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